Steam does something amazing to the Whole DLC Installation Experience

The procedure for downloading free PC games or DLC has been improved by Steam to make it a little more convenient, and the change has been greeted with a surprising amount of positive feedback (or bewilderment in a few cases).

If you frequently use Steam, you’ll no sure remember that to claim a game that is offered for free, you must choose to hit “play,” which initiates the installation procedure. After a brief delay, while the cogs turn a bit, you can then cancel out of that, but this is some pointless fussing around.

Now that Valve has added a “Add to Library” option, adding a product to your games library is as simple as clicking it; there is no need to fuss with trying to stop an installation you don’t want.

Similar to free DLC, when you download it, the game launches. Now, instead of having that happen, you can simply click to download the content, which is a much simpler and more comfortable approach.

There has been a lot of rejoicing about what is just a modest but important modification. Indeed, when this changed, our sister site PC Gamer noted it as an “absolutely majestic” improvement, to say the least.

Similar plaudits have been offered by others on websites like Reddit amid criticism that Valve took too long to act and that it should have happened years ago. Why some players are making such a big deal out of this has other gamers scratching their heads or shrugging their shoulders.

Fair enough, it wasn’t a huge concern, but it’s still an enhancement to the quality of life we’re happy to see on Steam, especially when there may be a tonne of DLC to buy (which might mean the user doesn’t bother, rather than having to continuously suffer the game starting up).

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