CSA T20 League: Pakistani players not allowed in the CSA league, check out the full story

The Pakistan Cricket Board and their cricketers faced a great set back since the IPL franchises owning teams in UAE T20 League and South Africa T20 league (under CSA) have completely shut their doors for Pakistani Players that also includes the top players in the world like Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan and Shaheen Afridi.

The IPL owners have a fear that the Indian fans may not like it as well as the complexities that involve in fetching the players across the border.

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“No, we are not considering Pakistani players. There are way too many obstacles to go for Pakistani players. First, it’s a hard negotiation with the board to get them on board and allow them NOC. Then, comes the backlash of it. I don’t think any fans in India will be happy with their playing for us,” as per a franchise official

The main reasons why Pakistani players are banned

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Several factors have concluded in banning the players from Pakistan. First, the IPL owners feel including them would anger the Indian fans, on the top of that recruiting players from Pakistan would have other issues related to the NOC. PCB allows the Pakistani players only with three NOCs per year. This also resulted in excluding the team at the Hundred tournament. PSL will generally take place right after UAE T20 League which would clash with the CSA T20 league for which the Pakistan Cricket Board has declined the NOC.

With all that being said, the Glazers backed franchise in the UAE League is negotiating with the Pakistani players.

A franchise official stated “It’s an investment and there is a lot at stake in every business. No one would want to hurt the sentiments of the customers. In this case, Indian fans are the biggest customers for us. We have decided not to pursue any Pakistani talent. They have some of the best players in the world but it’s not in our best interest,” 

The Indian franchises have appealed BCCI to allow the non-contracted Indian players to play in the franchise leagues in foreign countries. In this case, players who don’t have a state or central contact can be a part of the South Africa T20 tournament. BCCI hasn’t taken a decision on this yet.

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