Man United starting the 2022-23 campaign with a defeat

The Red Devils, i.e., the Manchester United were not able to start the current campaign as they’ve planned like. They faced a defeat in their starting game in the 2022-23 season against Brighton, in the English Premier League.  Though they didn’t expect their performance to end up like this, as they lost by a score of 2-1, and in this figure, they were not able to score a single goal, as the only goal which went in their pocket was an own goal by Brighton.

The Match

However, if the match stats were considered Man United was a bit ahead of Brighton, but somehow couldn’t shoot the ball inside the net. They beat their opposition in the race of every stat including ball possession, passes, and all, however, Brighton being less in that number, were more impactful, and eventually, they got the eventual win.

The first goal was scored by Brighton in the 30th minute, that came from Pascal Gross, and he scored his second goal of the match, soon in the 39th minute. Coming to the match stats, as said earlier, the Red Devils were a bit ahead of their opposition. They hit 17 shots and Brighton hit 15, out of which 5 and 4 were on target respectively. Next, United and Brighton performed 537 and 320 passes, which had an accuracy rate of 82% and 70% respectively. The ball possession by the Red Devils was 63%, whereas Brighton’s figures were 37%.

What will Man United

Man United will certainly look forward to recovering their loss in the upcoming phases of the current campaign, and will do the necessary changes. In addition to that, they will also look to bring in or get rid of players according to their needs. It is to be seen what necessary steps Man United takes in the recent future.

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