American Actor and Producer Kevin Spacey to Pay ‘House of Cards’ Company $31 Million For Sexual Misconduct

    Kevin Spacey is set to pay $29.5 million in damages and an additional $1.5 million in attorneys’ fees and costs. On Thursday, the Los Angeles Supreme Court ordered Kevin Spacey to pay $31 million to MCR, the production company behind the popular series ‘House of Cards’.

    The reason behind this compensation is the breach of contract and the damages caused by the actor during filming. He was fired from the series after allegations of backstage sexual misconduct.

    Kevin Spacey’s team appealed the decision, but the judge found them not to demonstrate that this is even a close case” and “that the damages award was so utterly irrational that it amounts to an arbitrary remaking of the parties’ contract”.

    The Script of ‘House of Cards’ Required Redrafting

    Spacey’s career fell apart in 2017 when multiple allegations of sexual assault came to light, causing the actor to get dismissed from the set of ‘House of Cards’ where he played the main protagonist. 

    Kevin Spacey’s departure forced Season 6 to be rewritten, reducing the number of episodes from 13 to 8. The actor was taken to court for all these damages because the production company claimed he did not perform his services professionally or in accordance with their code of conduct.

    Spacey is Accused of 5 Sex Offenses in Britain

    Despite several sex crime allegations against him, only two made appearances in court nonetheless, resulting in no progress.

    One was made by a masseuse who claimed to have been sexually assaulted but died before trial, and the other was a young woman who dropped the case. Further lawsuits have been filed in the UK against Spacey for five sex crimes committed in London between 2005 and 2013. The following step is to be seen.

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