iPhone 14 is reported to have the same price range as iPhone 13 in India

    Apple appears to have pricing plans for the iPhone 14 series that are similar to those of the iPhone 13. According to the most recent report, the base pricing of the upcoming iPhone 14 model may be close to Rs 80,000. Additionally, there won’t be a tiny version this time. Instead, it is rumoured that Apple will release a new Max model, which might be placed in between the regular model and the iPhone 14 Pro.

    In spite of rising inflation and chain constraints, Apple does not intend to raise the price of its iPhone 14 series, according to a post by user “yeux1122” on the Korean blog Naver. According to the message, which MacRumors first discovered, Apple’s “senior executives” made the decision as a result of a stagnant global smartphone market and dwindling demand.

    When converted, the $799 price of the iPhone 14 in the US equals about Rs 63,200 in India. However, given the GST and import levies that are applicable, among other things, the device probably won’t be that inexpensive in India. Apple typically converts $1 to Rs. 100. But because the US price is comparable to that of the iPhone 13 series from the previous year, the same is probably going to occur in the Indian market as well. The price of the iPhone 14 may be the same as that of the iPhone 13, which was initially released at Rs 79,990.

    iphone 14

    The exact price and other information about the iPhone 14 series have not yet been disclosed by Apple, although this is anticipated to happen next month.

    On September 13, the business is anticipated to reveal the newest lineup of iPhones. Similar to what happened with the iPhone 12 series in 2021, Apple is anticipated to lower the price of the iPhone 13 series after its debut. Regarding the specifications, a lot of information has already been posted online prior to the rumoured launch ceremony, which is scheduled to take place in September 2022.

    The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max are powered by the A15 CPU from last year, but the Pro models might have the latest A16 SoC in them. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max sport the new 48-inch triple rear camera arrangement megapixels, while the non-Pro models are intended to offer the same dual rear camera setup we saw in the 2021 variations.

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