Google: ChromeOS brings now System-Wide dark theme with new update

    For quite some time, Google has been developing a ChromeOS system-wide dark theme. Users on the stable channel were the first to receive the dark theme early this year. However, it was concealed by a feature flag at the time. With the most recent ChromeOS update (version 104) in the stable channel, Google is finally bringing it to the fore, along with a few other useful additions.

    The stable channel has recently begun receiving ChromeOS 104.0.5112.83 from Google, and the most recent update brings a new Dark theme toggle to the Quick Settings. With the most recent ChromeOS release, you are no longer required to enable a feature flag in order to activate this Dark theme toggle.

    The new Dark theme toggle can be found on the Quick Settings’ second page. You can tap on it to activate the system-wide dark theme, which changes how the entire user interface looks.

    Google has developed new wallpapers based on the theme that “subtly change from light to dark” to go along with the new dark look.

    credit: Google

    The new monthly calendar view on the shelf that lets you view all of your events for any day of the month and launch the Google Calendar PWA is one of the new features that ChromeOS 104 adds along with the dark theme.

    The update also adds a new Background & style app that allows you to set images from your Google Photos library as your Chromebook wallpaper, a feature-rich Gallery app that can open PDF files, and a small, redesigned app launcher that doesn’t take up the full screen.

    Last but not least, the update modifies how ChromeOS manages incoming alerts. In addition to offering larger touch targets for alert actions, it now bundles messages from the same sender.

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