Sims 4: Here’s all the New Teenage Shenanigans added with the New Expansion

    The Sims 4’s future expansion will focus on high school, which is the most turbulent time in a young sim’s life, in contrast to the game’s most recent DLC pack, which gave gamers a more mystical experience. On July 28, The Sims 4: High School Years will be released for PC, Mac, and consoles. It will feature Copperdale High School’s setting, extracurricular activities, milk tea shops, thrift stores, and a revamp of the series’ in-game social network.

    According to the expansion’s press release, The Sims 4: High School Years allows players to “live out their high school dreams as they make the most out of being a teenager, explore their identity, attend high school, and test boundaries through choices and growth.”

    “Sims will learn to juggle school and extracurricular events, form lifelong friends, and experience big moments like prom,” lead producer George Pigula said in the press release. “They can even develop their own fashion likes and dislikes with the new Trendi app with clothes designed by Depop sellers. High school is an incredibly formative time, and we wanted to give players the chance to create and customize their own, personalized high school experiences before their Sims reach young adulthood.”

    credit: Sims

    The Sims team also collaborated with fashion retail business Depop to expand in-game fashion, which is intriguing enough without all these additions. At the neighborhood thrift shop, Sims will be able to buy clothing items created by real-life Depop merchants Jeremy Salazar, Sha’an D’Antes, Lapoze McTribouy, Selena Williams, and Bella McFadden. As your sim advances toward becoming a “Simfluencer,” they can sell the apparel they no longer want to other characters for some hefty simoleons.

    Teenage Sims can also visit their neighborhood milk tea store, ThrifTea, go on dates at Plumbite Pier, sneak out, and plan their ideal promposal when they aren’t in class or uploading photographs of their fits on their meticulously maintained social media profiles. Sincerity speaking, the mistake years have never seemed more enjoyable.

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