Jasprit Bumrah creates a record of scoring the most runs in an over in Test cricket after smashing 35 runs off Stuart Broad

    On day 2 of the fifth Test match between England and India, Jasprit Bumrah‘s outburst during one of Stuart Broad’s overs set a new world record as seen in India. When Broad scored 35 runs in the most expensive over in Test cricket history, Bumrah went totally nuts.

    The final two players on the field were Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammad Siraj, with England needing only one wicket to end India’s innings. The fast bowler managed to score 9 nine runs from the first two balls.

    Broad kept on tossing short balls, and Bumrah took advantage of the chance to send one over the third-man fence and past the boundary. As Broad appeared irritated, the no-ball (third ball) awarded Bumrah another extra ball.

    Broad tried to throw a full-toss when the short-ball tactic failed, but Bumrah was unstoppable as he hammered even that and the ball went for four. Broad was dumbfounded as he followed it up with two more fours to make it three in a row.

    Broad bowled the last ball, which was short of the length at the leg stump, with a sense of regret. Bumrah didn’t stop to consider anything and kept using his momentum to hit the Englishman for a huge six.

    Jasprit Bumrah’s performance showed flashbacks of Yuvraj Singh’s famous 36 runs in an over

    He singled on the last pitch to bring the total runs off that over to 35. Notably, Yuvraj Singh, the former Indian all-rounder, previously tormented Broad, hitting him for 36 runs in one over during the 2007 T20 World Cup. Before James Anderson removed his partner Mohammad Siraj to complete his five-wicket haul, Bumrah played the captain’s knock at the conclusion of the innings.

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