Real Madrid Plans to break the Non-aggression Pact with Atletico Madrid

    Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have ended the non-aggression pact at the youth level, MARCA explained in a report on June 7.

    The verbal agreement by the club president has been valid for more than 15 years and stipulates that both clubs refrain from signing talent at each other’s academy.

    The first signature that could usher in a new dawn was the signature of Jesus Fortea on the right back, born in 2007, and is currently playing at Atletico Madrid in the cadet category. Three years after the signature from Levante, he was able to wear a white shirt.

    The Result of the Meeting Between Real Madrid and Atletico

    The meeting between Real Madrid and the player representatives took place two weeks ago to finalize the complexity of future contracts.

    At that meeting, Real Madrid’s board of directors was informed that there would be discussions between the youth and Atletico due to the good agreement reached just in the last week. At a meeting on Saturday, Atletico was informed that Fortea did not want to continue her club career.

    The reaction at Estadio Wanda Metropolitano was one of the disappointments and frustrations as it agreed to lose one of the team’s finest gems.

    Toni Munoz, one of the youth’s agents and a person with a weak relationship with Atletico Madrid’s board of directors, played an important role in the transfer. Therefore, Atletico expects negative results that can be even more surprising in the same direction.

    Similar to Spain’s Youth International Fortea, there are three or four more moves between the academies, and Atletico is confident that the attempt can be manipulated, but Alevin A’s midfielder and captain Nacho Alameda can be another target.

    Even outsiders from Spain will not lose time. Bayern Munich is about to land another promising midfielder, Javier Fernandez.

    In Real Madrid, on the other hand, they remain calm. They do not believe that Atletico Madrid can sign La Fabrica’s top talent, and focus on performing these processes in the best possible way. 

    Over time, we will see how important the impact of breaking the Non-Aggression Treaty is.

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