Barcelona FC trying another move for Robert Lewandowski

Bayern Munich is not making things for the Catalan giants, i.e., Barcelona FC, who are seeking their star player Robert Lewandowski. Barcelona is trying hard to get Lewandowski however, the Bundesliga club doesn’t seem to be satisfied by the negotiations made by Barca.

According to the reports, the Bavarian side is not only demanding for significant payment aof minimum of 50 million euros, but also they are also issuing various messages to the La Liga club regarding the departure of the striker. Sources also verify that the honorable president of Bayern Munich, i.e., Uli Hoeness, has taken an aim at the latest offer, put forward by Barcelona.

Uli Hoeness in the regard of Robert Lewandowski

Uli Hoeness said in this regard that he doesn’t know anything about the new offer. However, as things stand in Munich what he has heard is that, Barca should save themselves the effort of making another offer for Robert Lewandowski. He insisted that the Polish striker still has one year left on his contract with his Bavarian club, and their plan is to see him through.

The president also added that he doesn’t make any decisions.  However, Bayern’s words are very clear. They stated that Robert Lewandowski should honor his contract with the present club, i.e., Bayern Munich. He can’t imagine that there is any amount of money that would make them change their mind.

However, the Bavarian club is giving a public stance, but Robert has made up his mind to play at Camp Nou, the next season. He has even told the same thing to the Bayern Munich directors and other officials. On the other hand, Barcelona is also confident in bringing in Robert Lewandowski, but the way to him won’t be very easy.

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