Elon Musk Officially crosses 100 Million Followers on Twitter

Elon Musk is the sixth individual to attain the milestone of having 100 million followers on Twitter. According to SocialBlade, Musk attained the milestone between June 26 and June 27, accumulating more than 150,000 followers within that period. As of this writing, Musk has 100,059,886 followers.

For some reason, the achievement of the milestone is intriguing. The first is the most obvious: Musk is in the process of buying Twitter for $44 billion, which could one day put him in the uncommon position of being the only CEO of a big social media network who genuinely understands how to use their network. While Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, maintains an equally cloying presence on the website he is in charge of, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, posts press releases primarily on his Facebook page.


Musk is an entirely different beast.  Musk is a Poster for sure. Annoying, obnoxious, late to memes — but a Poster. He uses Twitter as intended: as a direct line to his id. Has he planned to follow up on any of the stuff he tweets? Frequently, no. And that is what makes him so entertaining… Musk engages in name-calling, sometimes so intensely that he winds up with defamation lawsuits on his hands… Shit, one time Musk announced he was taking Tesla private on Twitter, generally to the surprise of Tesla, Tesla’s investors, and the SEC.

The way Musk uses Twitter in contrast to the other five accounts that have amassed more than 100 million followers is very astonishing

Barack Obama’s account updates often but is every bit as intelligent and presidential as you’d expect, unlike Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Cristiano Ronaldo, who all have the kinds of Twitter presences that could only come from the collective mind of a highly skilled communications staff. I believe Justin Bieber has a Twitter account, which is to his credit, however, he hasn’t updated it since February 16th.


The second curious part of Musk hitting 100 million followers is how many of these accounts are real and how many are fake. Musk has voiced concern that the true number may be significantly higher than Twitter’s consistent estimate that fewer than 5% of the accounts on its site are bots. Musk has threatened to back out of his agreement to buy Twitter if the company doesn’t present additional evidence to back up its forecasts.

The details, as presented by Bloomberg’s Matt Levine, raise questions about whether Musk is genuinely concerned about Twitter spam bots or whether he is only exploiting them as a ploy to get a lower price for Twitter. However, Twitter appears to have given Musk access to a “firehose” of its data in response to Musk’s claims. It’s improbable that anyone could make sense of such a massive amount of data in a reasonable amount of time, though, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Musk, who tweets a lot, finally hit the 100 million-follower mark after going over a week without doing so. His final post, which wasn’t a response to someone else, was posted on June 21 and appears to have included the 7-Eleven gas price, which was $7.11. According to Snopes, the picture is really from March 2021 and shows test pricing to advertise the opening of a new store, not a depiction of the soaring gas prices in 2022.

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