Valve announces it’s going to double the shipment of its Steam Deck

Even though the Steam Deck has been available for a while, many fans are still impatiently expecting their gadgets. As we approach Q3 2022, Valve issued a significant announcement on Twitter, indicating that manufacturing has significantly increased and that more than twice as many units would be shipped out each week. This should imply that many fans will start receiving theirs soon.

Although it may take some time until everyone has a Steam Deck, the manufacturer has acknowledged that significant efforts have been made to increase the number of these portable game consoles in circulation.

However, the company urged its supporters to practice some patience because this process will still take a while. The company is getting ready to release additional Steam Decks soon as production has stepped up.

For anyone who does not want to wait for an email, the business also advised going to the Steamdeck section of the website while logging in and checking the reservation status. Many fans responded to the announcement on Twitter, some requesting different features while others were just happy to receive their purchased item.

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