Here is the complete list of Top 10 Acquisitions by Amazon

    Amazon is now one of the best companies for purchasing anything. It is quite interesting to know about Amazon and its acquisition. In this, many companies have been owned by Amazon. Many companies that have crossed the market capitalization above the $500 billion are also few and near to the trillion clubs. In this, we will like to mention such names as Alexa, Blue Origin, Zappos, and Amazon Web Services. 

    Here is the list of Top 10 acquisitions by Amazon: 

    10. Amazon Web Services(AWS) 

    Acquisition Price: $30 million 

    It is a history for Amazon as an American Internet sales company. Amazon drops the last-mile delivery program and ordered. It is true that Google is also a multinational corporation that also specializes in Internet-related services and also products and General Assembly Logo. It was purchased for $30 million. 


    9. Alexa 

    Acquisition Price: $250 million 

    It offers website Information and analytics; Alexa was Horizon Forbidden Westby Amazon in 1999. It utilizes three months’ data for comparison websites based on the favor. The voice service of Alexa was also built into Amazon Echo. Alexa was brought on US$250 million. 

    8. AWS Elemental 

    Acquisition Price: $500 million 

    Amazon purchased this video processing company Elemental Technologies to bolster AWS. This company is owned by Amazon Web Services. It gives multi-screen video solutions to the provider. AWS also makes cloud computing and storage software for businesses the handful of which subsequently have currently got investment. The report says that it was purchased with $500 million. 

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    7. Kiva Systems 

    Acquisition Price: $775 million 

    Kiva Systems mainly provides automation and robotics.  you can say it is Amazon Robotics, a company that also manufactures mobile robotic fulfillment systems. It was also one of Amazon’s largest purchases at the time of the acquisition in 2012. Amazon brought it on $775 million. 

    6. PillPack 

    Acquisition Price: $1 billion 

    For extending its operations in the health sector, Amazon acquired PillPack for a  whopping $1 billion. Amazon brought it in 2018. Through this Amazon acquired an online pharmacy business. 

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    5. Blue Origin 

    Acquisition Price: $1 billion 

    It is similar to SpaceX. Jeff Bezos also got an aerospace company. This company was founded in 20000 as a human spaceflight start-up. Bezos thinks it will be a key focus once he steps down from the Amazon CEO role in late 2021. Amazon brought it for $1 billion. 

    4. Zoox 

    Acquisition Price: $1.2 billion 

    The robotaxi company was acquired by Amazon for US$1.2 billion. Amazon made the deal in 2020, Amazon has got a self-driving startup Zoox continuing to exist as a standalone business. This acquisition is the second largest of Amazon. 

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    3. Zappos 

    Acquisition Price: $1.2 billion 

    It was bought by Amazon for an all-stock deal of  $1.2 billion at the time. It is a reputed online shoe marketplace that also has been got by Amazon since 2009, it also provides such an online shoe and apparel marketplace. 

    2. Ring 

    Acquisition Price: $1.8 billion 

    It is also one of the companies owned by Bezos. There are the other subsidiaries Twitch, IMDb, and Whole Foods Market. It seems that Amazon got new eyes for 41 billion. This connected–camera Doorbell Company also integrated with various Amazon services. Amazon brought it to $1.8 billion. 

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    1. Whole Foods 

    Acquisition Price: $13.2 billion 

    Amazon brought Whole Foods for $13.2 billion. It also purchase the Whole Foods Market supermarket chain in 2017. This is a chain selling organic foods that also had been acquired by Amazon in 2017. This is mainly a  grocery company and we can’t deny that it is the biggest deal made by Amazon.  

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