Sporting CP confident about re-signing Cristiano Ronaldo after recent contacts

    It has been 19 years, since Cristiano Ronaldo left Sporting Club de Portugal following his move to Manchester United, but at present, it seems like the Portuguese legend can make a move in the opposite direction. The 37-year-old Man United striker has registered 24 goals in the last Premier League campaign, but at present, he is now the part of Erik ten Hag’s rebuild.

    With the time being run out, CR7 desires to make the most of any chance of the silverware and that might eventually see him moving on. Various reports state that Sporting is believing that they can surely convince Cristiano Ronaldo to come back to their club.

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mother in this regard

    Cristiano Ronaldo first came into the football world when he started his career with Sporting, and it is a connection that means more to the Portuguese legend than just a football club. His mother, Dolores in this regard, told a Portuguese last year that Ronaldo has to come back. She has already told him that before she dies, she wants to see him returning to Sporting. Dolores also said that Ronaldo in answer this said that, “let’s see”.

    Sporting’s interest

    Cristiano Ronaldo will indeed not be the first player to return to the club in the recent years, and it seems like a strategy that the Portuguese clubs are now following. Bruno de Carvalho, the president of Sporting said in this regard that without a doubt he would love for Ronaldo to end his career here at his home.

    He also added that Ronaldo is a world ambassador. He always speaks well about them and how fond he is of them. Bruno de Carvalho also said that they are making a great effort for some players to return to the club. They already did the same with Nani, and they will see that many times.

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