PlayStation Plus: Here’s what you are getting with the new Service

    The brand-new PlayStation Plus will make its debut this summer, offering a number of benefits to those willing to pay a little extra. It basically combines PS Plus and PS Now as they are currently known, plus a few more new features on top of that. For instance, the new Premium tier of the service will provide over 700 titles for download, streaming, and play once it launches in June.

    There are three tiers for the new PS Plus. Additional, Premium, and Crucial. The program now provides cloud storage, discounts, free monthly games, multiplayer access, and other vital features. As a result, current customers can easily convert from PS Plus to Essential at launch. The Essential tier will cost the same as the current PS Plus, so you won’t have to pay more.

    Sony has officially stopped allowing current customers to stack coupons for PS Plus and PS Now prior to the launch of the new PS Plus. If you bought a code but couldn’t activate it, you’ll need to wait until your membership ends or the launch of the new PS Plus.

    So you might be thinking, “How can I get all the additional features,” after the new service debuts and you sign up for PS Plus Essential. You’ll need to upgrade to PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium in order to achieve that. Make sure to study up on the new PS Plus before committing because each tier will bring new advantages.


    To upgrade to another tier, Sony’s PS Plus FAQ page states: “You will be charged a pro-rated fee to level up the remaining time on your existing membership to the desired level.”

    All PS Now subscribers will be moved into the new Premium tier for the balance of their subscriptions when the new PlayStation Plus launches. The tier with the most advantages is also the priciest one that is offered.

    Several PlayStation customers promptly seized the opportunity when it was first made known and effectively obtained PS Plus Premium for a discounted price. However, this gap has now been closed.

    PlayStation players who presently have both a PS Now and PS Plus membership will also be upgraded to PS Plus Premium when it launches, according to a statement from Sony. The longest subscription you currently have will then match the duration of new membership.

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