Ranji 2022 Final: Sarfaraz Khan plays his best and breaks down after hitting a century

By scoring his fourth hundred on June 23 in the current 2021–22 Ranji Trophy, young hitter Sarfaraz Khan extended his impressive run with the bat (Thursday). The right-handed Mumbai player hit a boundary through the middle to defeat Madhya Pradesh and get his century. Sarfaraz’s celebrations received more attention than this excellent knock, though.

Sarfaraz was overcome with passion and burst into tears as he punched the air in jubilation after requiring 190 balls to reach the goal. Because he performed the “thappi,” Sidhu Moosewala’s hallmark dance move, online users were particularly interested in his celebration. Popular Punjabi singer Moosewala recently passed away after being shot dead by some thugs.

Sarfaraz breaking down after accomplishing his century

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When Kumar Kartikeya threw a full, tossed-up delivery just outside off, Sarfaraz was able to free his arms and hit the ball over the bowler’s head, completing the historic right-handed batsman innings. He then smacked his thigh and listened to the cheers of the audience. His celebratory video quickly gained popularity as Twitter users praised him for paying respect to the late musician.

The current Ranji Trophy is notable for the significant runs that Sarfaraz has scored. Before hitting another century in the championship game, the right-handed batsman scored 275 runs against Saurashtra, 165 against Odisha, and 153 against Uttarakhand. Not only that, but Sarfaraz increased his total number of runs for the 2021–22 Ranji Trophy season above the 900-run threshold and surpassed his previous total of 928 runs from the 2019–20 season.

What happened in the match?

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Mumbai elected to bat against Madhya Pradesh after winning the toss. The Mumbai squad got off to a great start thanks to the club’s opening pair of Prithvi Shaw and Yashasvi Jaiswal, while the middle order also made some significant contributions. Sarfaraz, who scored a superb century and helped his team to 350 runs in their first innings, was the primary hero of his squad.

Anubhav Agarwal and Gaurav Yadav both now have three wickets each for MP. There were additional victories for their side from Kartikeya (one wicket) and Saransh Jain (two wickets). How MP hitters react with the bat in their opening innings will be interesting to see.

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