Here is the list of Top 10 Eco-Friendly Countries in 2022 

Day by day, all the countries are like forgetting the importance of the Environment. The most equivalency has participated in the practices that can minimize the harm to the ecosystems. The most expected environmental practice to the ecosystem and companies.

The most interesting fact is the friendly approach is many workers in the office. It is definitely not a waste. We also can apply for goods and services.  the environmentally friendly products, processes, and practices that reveal no harm to the environment.

We have made the list of Eco-Friendly Countries in 2022: 

10. Germany 

EPI Score: 77.2 

Germany finishes in the tenth position with a perfect 100 in case of sanitation and takes fourth place for the rating of biodiversity. Germany has taken seriously this eco-friendliness with 10 such policies that bring the country close to “a renewable energy resolution”.


9. Norway 

EPI Score: 77.7 

Norway got the ninth position as an eco-friendly country. The health score of Norway is 98.5 out of 100 for sanitation and drinking water. The most important fact is the electricity in Norway is 97% renewable, and the country recently has planned to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas by 30%. 

8. Sweden 

EPI Score: 78.7 

Sweden got the eighth position in the list of eco-friendly countries.  Sweden is one of the popular sustainable countries, famous for using renewable energy sources and also low carbon dioxide emissions. Sweden is one step backwards from Finland due to the 98.2 air quality. 

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7. Finland 

EPI Score: 77.7 

Finland is also one of the famous eco-friendly countries with the seventh position. For the air quality, it has scored 99.3 and is top-ranked for air quality along with a 99.3 score. The country also ranked on top for sanitation, drinking water, and heavy metals with a score of 100. About 35% of the power of Finland’s power comes from resources, and forest and wildlife conservation. 

6. Austria 

EPI Score: 79.6 

Austria is the sixth most eco-friendly country by following some strict standards in Europe regarding waste management, chemicals, and air pollution. Agricultural change is very stringent mainly in the case of pesticides and fertilizers, and Austria scores 100 for drinking water and the emission of pollution. 


5. France 

EPI Score: 80 

The fifth position has been taken place by France. France got 100 for water sanitation and pollution emissions and ranked fourth for climate change and fifth for also biodiversity. 

4. The United Kingdom 

EPI Score: 81.3 

The U.K. collec6ted perfect score for sanitation and drinking water also helped it to take the 4th highest EPI factors just like for the management of the solid household, and also become fourth in case of biodiversity. 

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3. Switzerland 

EPI Score: 81.5 

Switzerland got the third place, we will like to share with you that the place Switzerland also got a high ranking for EH, Sustainable Health, sustainability, and the public sector of Switzerland is fantasy adopting eco-friendly, and resource-friendly products, 

2. Luxemburg 

EPI Score: 82.3 

Luxemburg is the second top eco-friendly country. The tiny European become an eventually known for the performance sand scored for Bio-Diversity. Luxemburg has been able to progress In protecting environmental health and after its rapidly going resource-friendly products. 

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1. Denmark 

EPI Score: 82.5 

Denmark got the first position among the eco-friendly countries. The EPI score of Denmark slap in a Black. The reason behind the top rating unprotecting the heavy mustang. For environmental help, it is known door the best score in biodiverse, and also protecting of GDP for a third place. 

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