Become Werewolves with the latest DLC of Sims 4

Werewolves are back in The Sims 4’s most recent DLC, with two new packs to join and an entirely new area to discover. The new pack adds extra customization options for werewolves, who have been a feature of the Sims since the Makin’ Magic expansion for the original game.

Werewolf simulations can be created straight from the Create-A-Sim page, or users can ask an existing werewolf to change their existing simulations into werewolves. The sims will develop a sickness called Werebies, which can be treated by the bartender at Moonwood Mill’s Grimtooth Bar & Bunker, or let to run its course for a full transformation. It is also possible for sims to be turned accidently by a rampaging werewolf.

The Moonwood Collective, a tranquil werewolf organization, and the Wildfangs, a rebellious werewolf faction, are also introduced in the game pack. As they attempt to rein in their outbursts and manage their werewolf anger, werewolf sims have the option of joining either group or going it alone as a lone wolf. Werewolves will be able to level up their talents and earn new powers and perks, just like the other occult sim kinds in The Sims 4 such as vampires and spellcasters.

Similar to the pet customisation made available by the Cats & Dogs extension, The Sims 4: Werewolves pack also allows players to completely customize their sims’ furry werewolf forms by painting and stamping unique markings on them.

$20 will get you access to the Werewolf Game Pack on PC via Steam or Origin, as well as the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store.

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