Noise i1: India’s first pair of smart sunglasses for Rs 5,999

    Noise i1 is India’s first pair of smart eyewear for Rs 5,999 with features such as Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMS) mic for calling, magnetic charging, hands-free voice control, and more.

    Noise Smart Sunglasses in India

    The smart sunglass was created by Noise Labs and features UVA/B 99 percent protection lenses. It also has blue light filtering transparent lenses, which can lessen eye strain when used for lengthy periods of time in front of a screen. The interchangeable lenses are available in both round and square designs.

    In India, this smart sunglass is priced quite competitively at Rs 5,999, which includes the UVA/B shielding clear glasses worth Rs 3,999. Customers will also receive a 5% discount when paying with UPI on Noise’s official website.

    The terms and conditions on the Noise website ( indicate that the discount is only valid for a short time and that pricing may change without notice. The current pricing is after a 53% drop from the initial price of Rs 12,999.

    Noise i1: India's first pair of smart sunglasses For Rs 5,999
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    As per the business, the device’s unique design eliminates background noise and allows audio to flow directly to the user’s ears for a realistic audible sensation. The multi-functional touch controls on the glasses may be used to manage the volume, accept or reject calls, change music, and access their voice assistant, among other things.

    About the Smart Features

    The Noise i1 is available in two sizes, the i1 Round and the i1 Square, and includes a variety of smart functions like hands-free calling, music, voice assistants, and more. Noise Labs, which the corporation established earlier this year, was created.

    To communicate with cell phones, the sunglass uses Bluetooth version 5.1 technology. The smart frames work with both iOS and Android devices, and owing to the company’s Hyper Sync technology, they instantly connect to a device when the temples are open and turn off when they are closed.

    Noise i1: India's first pair of smart sunglasses For Rs 5,999
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    The 47-gram spectacles include a separate microphone in each temple. The fashionable sunglasses also have Instacharge, which means that a 15-minute charge can provide up to 120 minutes of gameplay. The company promises a playback time of nine hours. It is, however, contingent on the audio being played at 70% level after a full charge.

    With voice commands that support Siri and Google Assistant, the Made-in-India eyewear makes it simple to set alarms, make calls, conduct searches, and more. Accidental splashes are not a problem for the device. While the smart eyewear has an IPX4 rating, it is not ideal for water-based sports like as swimming, surfing, and so on.

    This is not the first time that smart glasses have appeared on the market. As previously said, Bose Frames performed a similar purpose a few years ago, and there are currently other similar smart glasses on the market. However, none of these items yet provide an augmented reality or mixed reality experience.

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