Google TV:  Profiles for Google TV is Here | Setting Up the Profile | Updates and Others

    No one has imagined that this day would arrive, but it has. Profiles for Google TV are now being made available. Close to the end of the last year, Google promised that profiles will be available soon, but the feature was postponed for unknown reasons. It took six months for it to happen. Google finally announced it, and the rollout has begun.

    About the Google TV Profiles

    According to the news, we’re pleased to inform you that Google TV profiles appear to be becoming more readily available. Any existing Google Accounts on the device are instantly converted to profiles, and you can easily create new user profiles from the Settings menu—just add a Google Account and you’re good to go.

    Google TV:  Profiles for Google TV is Here | Setting Up the Profile | Updates and Others
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    For the time being, it will only be available on Chromecast with Google TV. Technically, the functionality should be available on Google TVs from Sony’s Bravia line, as well as TCL’s numerous possibilities, but we haven’t seen anything yet.

    When you’re using a Chromecast with Google TV and wish to enable user profiles, the simplest way to do so manually is to check for updates in the Google Play Store. After another significant feature, Profiles is finally arriving on Google TV.

    We noted last week that Google TV’s new “Proactive” screensaver is now available. All from your idle TV screen, that redesigned design provides recommendations for particular types of material as well as information such as the weather forecast.

    Google TV:  Profiles for Google TV is Here | Setting Up the Profile | Updates and Others
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    Setting Up the Profile

    Google TV concentrates on suggestions, but what good are they if they’re messed up by someone with different likes using your account? Google TV now supports user profiles for adults and children, which is a welcome addition. Let’s get this party started.

    Google TV user profiles are linked to Google accounts. Each profile has its own set of recommendations as well as a Watch List. Everyone can use the apps that are installed on Google TV, but accounts are not shared between profiles.

    • To begin, pick your profile symbol in the top-right area of the Google TV home screen.
    • Select your account from the drop-down menu.
    • Select “Add Account” from the drop-down menu.
    • You can “Add an Account” or “Add a Kid” to your account. The former is what we’ll be doing.
    • After that, you’ll need to check in to the profile’s Google account. You can scan the QR code with an Android phone. Otherwise, you’ll have to use the TV keyboard to type.
    • Google will ask you to review and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy after you sign in.
    • On the following screens, you’ll be asked if you wish to enable Google Assistant.
    • You’ll be prompted if you would like the Assistant to be able to search your TV apps if you turn it on. “Allow” or “No Thanks” are the options.
    • You can now select the apps for which you have paid subscriptions. Click “Confirm” after selecting all that apply.

    Everything is set! In the new account, you’ll be sent to your Google TV home screen. Now seems to be a wonderful time to customize it to your liking. To change accounts, repeat the previous steps to get to the account picker screen and select an account.

    Recent Updates and Others

    You’ll be able to tweak the layout with your watch lists and suggestions based on your viewing behavior whenever you add more Google accounts. Google hopes that by doing so, you will spend less time deciding what to watch next.

    Your activities will sync with your other signed-in devices, but not with the other accounts on the TV. Your viewing habits will not conflict with the recommendations of others, and vice versa.

    Google TV:  Profiles for Google TV is Here | Setting Up the Profile | Updates and Others
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    As per the sources, on a single linked TV set, the new upgrade will allow for up to 12 profiles. Additionally, app downloads and login information will be visible across all profiles, except children’s profiles. This makes it easy to broadcast without having to start over every time you wish to create a new Google TV profile.

    Users also received an ambient mode screensaver with tailored information and recommendation cards in the most recent version. It includes a variety of features such as weather, news, sports scores, and podcast links, among others.

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