Sony reportedly working on new Gaming Monitors and Headsets 

    According to rumours, Sony is working on more hardware, and new gaming monitors and heads-up displays are expected to be unveiled soon. According to reports, this equipment will be included in the new InZone range and will include three new headsets with different pricing points.

    According to a recent article on Exporter, the InZone H3 is the most affordable wired headset, the InZone H7 is wireless and has a long-lasting battery, and the InZone H9 is the most expensive option with noise-cancelling features. The three headsets are all Discord approved and include 360 spatial sound for gaming.

    According to the rumour, the two gaming monitors will have “game assist” features including auto-HDR tone mapping, black equaliser, viewfinders, FPS readings, and auto-genre picture setting and will be developed specifically for the PS5.

    At least one of the monitors will provide a 4K at 144Hz at DisplayHDR600 image quality, while the other is capable of full HD at 240Hz at DisplayHDR400. Exact series names and classifications have not yet been disclosed. They have not yet had their price points disclosed.

    A “pro” version of the PS5 DualSense controller is also allegedly in development by Sony. It will reportedly have removable analogue sticks, trigger stops, and rear paddle triggers, making it comparable to Microsoft’s Elite series Xbox controller.

    Sony has released a limited number of PS5 accessories since the console’s release. On launch day, this included a new headset, remote control, and webcam. More recently, new console covers and vibrant DualSense controllers have been added to the hardware collection.

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