The Hit Netflix Show Money Heist from Spain Gets a Korean Remake: Release Date and More

    The Streaming Giant announced on June 24 that one of the most successful series in recent years will be available in the Korean version. 

    Money Heist: South Korea, the Asian version of ‘La Casa de Papel’, known in English as Money Heist, will be attending Netflix’s summer premiere.

    A New Design for the Masks

    Recently, the first trailer for a remake of a project that has been extended to five seasons in Spain has been released. 

    This new project, titled “Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Area Part 1,” essentially addresses the issue of attacks on money-making agencies, but the story is a twist from the original version. 

    In Money Heist: Korea’s first released poster, the uniforms of the members of the gang who are planning to carry out the robbery are red, but instead of resembling the face of the Spanish painter Salvador Dali, The masks they wear are rendered by replacing the traditional Hahoe-inspired ones.

    The New Korean Netflix Series Unifying the Two Koreas

    According to Variety, Money Heist: South Korea is in a fictitious environment, and after nearly 80 years of division, North Korea and South Korea are on the verge of peaceful unification. 

    But as Asian countries prepare to print new unified currencies, strategists known as professors gather groups of high-level thieves from both the north and the south, from where they are manufactured. Attempts to steal currency.

    However, all nine original characters that will be featured in the remake are the Professor played by Yoo Ji-Tae, Berlin played by Park Hae-soo, known for his work in Squid Game, Tokyo as Jun Jong-Seo, Moscow as Lee Won-jong, Denver as Kim Ji-hun, Nairobi as Jang Yoon-Ju, Rio as Lee Hyun-woo, Helsinki as Kim Ji-hoon and Oslo as Lee Kyu-ho.

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