Yuvraj Singh names his baby boy “Orion” announces on social media

Yuvraj Singh gave birth to a child in January 2022. Yuvraj Singh, the former India all-rounder, announced the name of his newborn son, ‘Orion Keech Singh,’ on social media on June 19 (Sunday), along with photos of his child with his wife Hazel Keech. Hazel Keech had already announced the birth of their kid in a joint statement posted on her social media account on January 25, while also requesting that others respect their privacy.

“Welcome to the world,” Yuvraj wrote in a recent social media message on Father’s Day. As he spoke about his new baby, an emotional Yuvraj remarked that Orion’s name is written among the stars and that his eyes shine with each grin. He explained that he was watching something when Hazel was pregnant and resting in the hospital, and that this is where the name “Orion” came from. And when he informed his wife about it, she liked it right away.

Yuvraj Singh names his baby boy “Orion” announces on social media

“Welcome to the world, Orion Keech Singh,” the former World Cup winner said in a touching Twitter statement. Mummy and Daddy are smitten with their little “puttar.” Every grin twinkles in your eyes, exactly as your name is inscribed in the stars #HappyFathersDay.”

Yuvraj went on to say that he wants Hazel’s last name to be in their child’s name as well. “Orion is a constellation, and your child is your star as a parent.” I was watching some episodes while Hazel was pregnant and sleeping in the hospital when the name occurred to me, and Hazel liked it right away. “I wanted Hazel’s last name to appear in the baby’s name, so that’s how it happened,” Yuvraj told Hindustan Times.

“We had been trying for a while to have a baby but it didn’t happen. Hazel was four months pregnant when she left for England, and just when I had to go, I got Covid, so I had to quarantine for two weeks before I could see her,”- he told.

Hazel shared photos where Yuvraj is feeding their son. She also shared one of Orion with her father. In a long note, she wrote, “Happy first Fathers Day to you @yuvisofficial You’ve dreamt of this day since before we even met, now here you are, a burping, bottle feeding, nappy-changing, rocking-baby-to-sleep Papa with all the sleep deprivation and vomit that comes along with the giggles, smiles and joy. You’re a great hands-on dad and im proud of the effort you make, always trying your best xx.” Further on, she added that

“Happy Fathers Day to you too Granddad. I love that Orion gets to see so much of you while you’re patiently waiting for him to be big enough to throw around.

Happy fathers Day to you @yograjofficial Orion waiting to pull your beard and meet the Grandpa with the booming voice. Xxx”

When asked if he wants his kid to become a cricketer, Yuvraj stated that he will back his son in whatever he chooses to do. “I’d always encourage him, whether he became a sportsman, an actress, or pursued any other vocation.” I’m not going to be like my father, who told me, “You’ll just play cricket.”

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