‘The Boys’ Season 4: Updates on Release Dates and More

    Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ keeps getting wilder and wilder, we’re only on Episode 4 and there are moments that are sure to leave everyone gasping for breath. However, we still have a long way to go and this is just the tip of the iceberg. In the current Season 3, we continue to see Homelander go from crazy to an outright supervillain that all other superhero movies and shows fear.

    Imagine Superman becoming the worst villain on the planet. That’s exactly what Homelander is, and he’s virtually unstoppable. But there’s hope as long as ‘The Boys’ stay alive, especially the Wild card Butcher. Check out the spoilers of ‘The Boys Season 3’ if you haven’t seen Episode 4 before.

    The Bumpy Road About to be Faced by Butcher and Homelander

    The first signs of this new season show that Butcher and the Homelander inevitably fight each other. The former brings performance improvements that no one, even his friends, expects. The show is so immersive that fans can’t stop watching and Amazon is already doing something about it.

    A new announcement arrived on Friday. Season 4 of ‘The Boys’ has been officially approved. The details are scarce, but there are some things to share with the audience. All the stars in the show were announced via social media, they are just as excited as our others. Unless I’m even more excited to come back.

    ‘The Boys’ Season 4 Release Dates

    According to reports from Variety, ‘The Boys’ Season 4 is coming in the summer of 2023. In fact, when Karl Urban was talking to variety, he spilled beans, saying he would shoot a new season by the end of 2022. Hopefully, this new season will begin by June 2023, with no specific release date.

    This series by Eric Kripke is based on a cartoon of the same name. ‘The Boys’ stars Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Karen Fukuhara, and newcomer Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy. Expect more shocking moments from ‘The Boys’ every Friday on Amazon Prime.

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