Everything Apple has announced at the WWDC 2022 Event 

    Apple’s WWDC 2022 event was a jam-packed event that launched something for everyone who belongs to the latest version of Apple’s flagship iPhone operating system, iOS 16,  along with his latest chip, the M2 chipset with the newest hardware that is just ready to bring you in hands.

    In this case, the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 contains such high profiles new features contain safety Check that has been intended to provide help to the people who are in danger of domestic violence whether it’s man or woman. 


    1. iOS 16 

    This is the latest version of the iPhone’s operating system that mainly focuses on customization. It contains an updated look screen along with selectable gonys and colors and Apple Watch-style widgets with rotating images. The notifications also will roll in from the bottom of the screen to keep them from obscuring the photo and Live Activities just like music and playback also can expand the lock screen. 

    Messages can be edited, undoing sends, and marketing messages unread. SharePlay was developed for easier to share within FaceTime and Messages. There is Live Text that can expand to video and let you pause on any of the frames and be able to interact by grabbing the text from the video. 

     The changes in Wallet add more partners for wireless keys like car manufacturers and payments. According to Apple, it will be able to extract smartly such images from a background and automatically paste them into apps just like messages. Photos also improve sharing with new shared libraries through iCloud allowing you to collaborate. 


    • IOS 16   can delete and edit messages. 
    • Safety Check is available for people facing Domestic Violence. 
    • Apple Wallet Upgrades from WWDC 2022 
    • The Next0-generation Apple VarPlay Previewed at WWDC 2022. 
    • Apple Ends Support for iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, and iPhone 7. 
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    2. MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 

    After a few pages, it’s the first time that Apple has redesigned the Air by embedding an M2 chip. It’s mainly an aluminum unibody, but for now, it’s very thin at 11mm and weighs just 2.7 pounds with new colors! MagSafe comes back, leaving your two Thunderbolt ports available, and it can gold an audio jack. Finally, it gets an upgrade of a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display. There is a 1080p webcam that brings it up to purity just like the siblings with a quad-speaker system. 

    A big thanks to the improved GPU in the M2 and also for a focus performance per watt. Finally, it supports the USB-C port. 

    The MacBook Air starts at $1,199. The MacBook Pro begins at $1,299. The two will start the shipping next month, and both with offering a $100 discount for the students and educators. 

    • Apple Reveals MacBook Air in 2022 
    • Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro Gets New M2 Chip Price starts at $1,299 
    • Apple’s M2 Chips just Bring More Power to New MacBook Air Laptops 
    • The 2022 MacBook Air holds high-Impedance Headphone Output.
    image 40

    3. macOS Ventura 

    Every year heading into the WWDC, one question on many Mac fans’ minds is what Apple will select as the name for the next version of macOS. The latest tradition dates all the way back to the starting is Mac OS X with borrowing the big cat names, and then in 2013 Apple just getting shifted to California-themed names with such unveiling of OS X Mavericks. 

    Now back in the early days after the debut of OS X Mavericks, we just found a total of over 20 California-themed trademark applications filled with several limited liability companies that were all but certain to become shell companies made by Apple to secret the identity. 

    Over time, some of the trademarks just like Yosemite, Sierra, Mojave, and Monterey had just been needed by Apple for its important Mac operating system updates, when trademark applications for almost all of the other names that have been abandoned like Rincon, Redwood, Pacific, and Skyline. 

    Ventura is one of the latest versions of Apple’s Mac operating system that will make it easier for to you keep the track of all your disparate applications and windows. A new feature on macOS 13 is Stage Manager which features the group windows to the side of your desktop just organizing them by the applications. As soon as you switch between two programs, Ventura is just more than an app and accompanies the windows at the center of the screen. 

    Ventura is also able to ship over the enhancements to Spotlight, Apple’s system-wide feature for getting files. Along with macOS 13, the tool will permit you to do images from the image’s library as well as search for the text within photos along with the help of Apple’s Live Text API. 

    • Apple provides a First Look at MacOS Ventura 
    • Apple, Google, Microsoft a step closer to Passwordless Future with FIDO 
    • Resident Evil Village, No Man’s Sky Coming to Apple, Silicon Macs 
    • Apple also trying to bring Biometric-Based Passkeys. 
    image 41

    4. WatchOS 9 

    The users of the Apple Watch will now get more watch options to choose from with many richer options that give more information and opportunities for personalization. The workout app, advanced metrics, views, and training experiences are built by following the routine of high-performing athletes who help users to reach the workout at the next level. WatchOS 9 just brings the sleep stages onto the Sleep app, and there is a new DFA that cleared the AFib History feature giving deeper insights into the user’s confusion. The latest Medications app just makes it very easy for the users to conveniently and discreetly manage, realize, and also tracking of the medications. 

    The experience of the Apple Watch begins with watch faces that provide users many chances to reveal personal style at the time of connecting the team to the relevant information at a glance throughout the complications. WatchOS 9 contains four new faces:  

    • Lunar: Apple Watch’s this new dace reveals the relationship in-between the Gregorian calendar and the loner calendar, used in many cultures like Chinese, Islamic, and Hebrew. 
    • Playtime: This face is basically a dynamic piece of art that is very unique to the Apple watch and generated in collaboration with artists like Joi Fulton. 
    • Metropolitan: It is a classic type-driven watch face where the style updates as the rotating Digital Crown. 
    • Astronomy:  There is a digital face that has been fully remastered and features one of the latest stay maps and recent cloud data. 

    WatchOS 9 also reveals any of such enhanced and upgraded complications with some of the most classic watch faces just like Utility, Simple, and Activity Analog, along with background color editing for Modular, Modular Compact, and X-Large for the additional personalization. The latest portraits face just exposes such depth effect on more images containing cats, dogs, and landscapes, when Chinese scripts have just been contained as adoptions for California and Typograph ways faces. 

    • WatchOS 9 Update also available for Apple Watch 
    • Apple also redesigning  the Home App 
    • Apple Watch features tracking the sleep cycle 
    • Apple Watch embers New fitness and workout features at WWDC 
    • Apple Watch Series 3 don’t support WatchOS 9. 
    image 42

    5. IPadOS 16 

    At the WWDC the company just dropped iPadOS 16, the annual update to the company’s iPad software. Normally, many of the new IOS 16 gestures are on the way here as well, containing such higher updates to mail, Sadari, Messages, and more. In 2021 years after the first iPad was dropped, Apple is mainly fetching the weather application to iPadOS. 

    This could be the first time, iPadOS also will permit you to have such overlapping windows through a multitasking interface named Stage Manager as Apple is also fetching to the Mac this year. It said some of these features will only be available on iPads along with M1 processors.  while you can use the stage manager, you can resize the windows to easily tuck away from such other applications behind the main window.

    There is also a view on the left side of the display that reveals all of your most recent applications. It is revolving around the demo that we can see during the keynote, windows dynamically resize and can adjust its content view that is based on how you make them. Some of the applications also will update in the background just like chat applications. Now, if such new messages come in while it’s not the main application in view, you will still be able to watch such updates that are depending on how you have placed your windows. 

    • Apple is finally making the iPad More Like a Computer. 

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