Ecuador to play in Qatar World Cup 2022, despite Chile’s complaint to FIFA

    One of the last places for the upcoming Qatar World Cup may have been decided in court, however, FIFA gave its statement. As per the reports released by the press, FIFA has rejected the allegations of Chile against Byron Castillo, neutralizing Ecuador.

    FIFA giving the response to Chile for their complaint against Ecuador

    The disciplinary committee of FIFA declined all the charges brought against the Ecuadorian Football Federation. The highest internal body confirmed that the disciplinary proceedings which initially started against the Ecuadorian Football Federation, are now hereby closed. In addition to that, this statement released by FIFA, in the for of Ecuador has the signature of Anin Yeboah, the vice president of the FIFA disciplinary committee.

    The reason behind Chile denouncing Byron Castillo

    Chile filed the complaint against Byron Castillo because of the use of a false birth certificate, also giving false age declaration, and false nationality. It signified that the player was primarily Colombian, but of Ecuador nationality, which is basically fraudulent. This issue gained momentum in Ecuadorian territory, even before the time, when the complaint was lodged to FIFA.

    The matter went to such an extent that Argentine coach Gustavo Alfaro didn’t use Castillo during an important part of the qualifying rounds, primarily to check with the competent authorities to ensure his papers were in order. Ultimately, Castillo was the part of 8 of 18 matches, that La Tri played.

    Qatar World Cup is on its way

    The Qatar World Cup is now only 5 months away, which will go on from November 21, 2022, till December 18, 2022. Arguably the biggest show on earth, the football world cup, is coming soon, with fans all over the world getting hyped for their countries. Also, this year’s world cup will be the last one for many great footballers.

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