Apex Legends Mobile might reportedly be Getting a Third Survival Item soon

    According to a video by loot games, A third survival item, the Remote Banner Recovery, may be introduced to the ground loot pool in the future. The item is one of the few in-game shocks that the well-known YouTuber was unaware of. Instead, he claims he got the knowledge from a trustworthy source: an Apex Legends playtester.

    According to the playtester who leaked the item, the Remote Banner Recovery is exactly what it sounds like: a tool that allows players to retrieve a teammate’s Banner Card without having to physically walk up to their death box, making it a huge boon to players who are missing a teammate and can’t afford to lose another, or who are attempting to recover a Banner Card from a death box that is currently in the middle of a firefight. Similar to the Heat Shield, another survival gear, the Remote Banner Recovery appears to have two charges.

    Survival supplies have an allocated place in each player’s inventory, and only one can be carried at a time. Only the Heat Shield and the Mobile Respawn Beacon are currently available in the game: the Heat Shield protects players from ring damage for a limited time, and the Mobile Respawn Beacon allows players to respawn their squadmates anywhere, at any time—a useful tool when there are no regular Respawn Beacons available.

    The Remote Banner Recovery is supposed to work similarly to Crypto’s passive ability, with the exception that there are no drones involved and players must still physically visit a Respawn Beacon to resurrect their deceased squadmate. loot games say he’s not sure how close players must be to a death box for the Remote Banner Recovery to work, but he suspects there’s a restriction to prevent players from respawning teammates halfway across the battlefield.

    While the Remote Banner Recovery is still a rumor, there is some evidence to back it up, such as verification of the item’s in-game description. Even though there is no trace of the item in the game’s files, loot games believe it would be a great way to spice up the current state of Ranked mode. It’s impossible to determine when or if this exciting new tool will be released, but if the reports are accurate, the Remote Banner Recovery will surely be a game-changer. If it doesn’t appear in the console/PC version of the game, it’ll almost certainly appear as one of the unique benefits accessible to each character in Apex Legends Mobile.

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