Microsoft: Xbox games will be available on Samsung’s smart TVs in 2022

    As per the sources, from June 30 in 27 countries, Microsoft will deliver some Xbox games to Samsung‘s 2022 same TVs. This is a significant step toward enticing players who do not own a console. Subscribers to Xbox’s cloud-gaming service will be able to play over 100 titles on the TVs, which will be compatible with a popular Bluetooth-enabled controller, as per Microsoft.

    Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 are among the titles that will be available on the new TVs, and the Xbox console will not be required to play them. In 2021, Xbox began collaborating with major television manufacturers to bring its games to more devices and expand its subscription-based service, Xbox Game Pass.

    Microsoft: Xbox games will be available on Samsung's smart TVs in 2022
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    Bringing Xbox games to Samsung

    Xbox games purpose is to provide gaming joy and community to everyone on the earth. They are dedicated to realizing this vision by providing excellent games and services that allow more people to participate than ever before.

    That’s why they established Xbox Game Pass and continue to expand Cloud Gaming to new platforms so that users can play on their existing devices, including PCs, consoles, mobile devices, tablets, and now Smart TVs.

    Microsoft: Xbox games will be available on Samsung's smart TVs in 2022
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    They shared our ambition for introducing Xbox games to more players by collaborating with global TV manufacturers to integrate the Xbox experience onto Smart TVs back in June. The Xbox team delivered an update on our strategy and vision, including how they are bringing the Xbox app to Smart TVs, starting with their partner Samsung, the world’s largest TV manufacturer.

    Samsung and Xbox collaborated to offer Xbox Game Pass to millions of Samsung Galaxy phones around the world, and now we’re collaborating once more to bring our Xbox gaming experience to their 2022 Smart TVs.

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