Lionel Messi makes his acting debut in Los Protectores

    Lionel Messi has made a cameo role in the infamous Latin-American TV series, Los Protectores. We’ve seen that multiple footballers either from the past or from the present have worked as actors, but in the majority of cases, they are seen in the branding of various ads. Generally, the appearances of those footballers in these branding ads are brief and their dialogue contains a few sentences. However, seeing your favorite footballers in the other professions never fails to amaze us.

    Lionel Messi too has a high social media profile, and being one of the greatest celebrities in the world, has also made his appearance in various commercials for multiple companies. Mentionable among those are, his appearances in the Pepsi spots, or Lay’s potato ad campaign, and also with Adidas, being the biggest sponsor.

    Lionel Messi appears in a cameo role

    The legendary Argentine has now been in the cast of a project that is primarily very different from what we are generally used to seeing him for. At present, he has now a role in a television series. LM10 will make a short appearance in the second season of Los Protectores, which is an Argentine drama, gaining huge popularity in its homeland.

    Reports state that Lionel Messi’s cameo scene in the series has already been shot, which he completed a few days ago. These are known facts, as the producer of the series has shared the pictures of the footballer on the set. However fans have to wait till the next year, 2023, as per Messi’s interpretation until the second season of the Argentine series is released. It was shot in a variety of locations including Buenos Aires, however, Leo Messi himself recorded it in Paris, as he remained in PSG, particularly at that time.

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