Apple macOS Ventura: Here are all the new changes that Apple has brought to the System

    Apple released the first beta of macOS Ventura to developers for testing Wednesday, and early adopters are already noticing minor changes. On macOS Ventura, Apple has simplified the About This Mac window. The kind of CPU, RAM, serial number, and macOS version installed are still listed in the window, but all other system information has been relocated to the System Settings app, which is a revamped and renamed version of the former System Preferences app.


    The “More Info” button at the bottom of About This Mac opens the System Settings General menu, which features a “System Report” option that leads to a more detailed overview of Mac’s hardware, software, networking, and more.

    In the System Settings section of the app, there’s a new game controller menu for managing gaming controllers attached to a Mac. Users of macOS Ventura can use the menu to map a controller’s buttons and thumbsticks to Mac’s keyboard, modify haptic feedback levels, create profiles for numerous controllers, and more.

    Apple’s macOS Ventura supports Racing Wheels for Games

    According to Apple’s developer website, macOS Ventura now supports some of the most popular racing wheels, pedals, and shifters for usage in Mac racing games, including Logitech’s G920 and G29 racing wheels. Users have discovered that macOS Ventura supports a variety of extra Bluetooth and USB game controllers, including the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons and Pro Controller.


    The Mac comes with preinstalled background noises in macOS Ventura. This function, according to Apple, allows peaceful sounds like the ocean or rain to conceal unpleasant background noise and reduce distractions. Last year, with the release of iOS 15 and iPad 15, Apple introduced the background sounds functionality to the iPhone and iPad.

    On the Mac, background sounds can be enabled under Accessibility > Audio in the System Settings app. You may select the background sound to play, modify the background sound volume independently of the system volume, and turn off background noises when your Mac is sleeping or in screensaver mode from this menu.


    Around the fall, macOS Ventura will be available to all users, most likely in October. Apple has announced that a public beta will begin in July.

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