Paramount Studios sued for piracy over Top Gun Maverick?

    Reports state that Paramount Studios is being sued by the family of the author who has written the article that eventually inspired Tom Cruise’s blockbuster Top Gun Maverick. The box office hit is under scrutiny at present as it is alleged for copyright infringement. Tom Cruise made a sensational return in this series of Top Gun, as the initial movie was released 36 years ago, in 1986, and was a big hit. The sequel, i.e., Top Gun Maverick became a blockbuster too, copyright has been an issue here.

    The US Media states that this lawsuit was filed two days before on Monday in the California federal court by the heirs of the rights to the article of 1983 written by an Israeli journalist Ehud Yonay. This article only inspired the first part of the film’s plot. The widow and the son of the journalist of Top Guns signed the lawsuit. The article had the content of lite fighter pilots that primarily inspired the film.

    Complains about copyright issues for Top Gun Maverick

    The complaint charged claims that the original film credited the story and initially conformed to copyright. However, it points out that Paramount Studios wouldn’t be able to shoot the sequel to the film, which is Top Gun Maverick, without having any proper permissions applied. The US press claims that it is because the work is derivative of the original article.

    The film is already a box office hit

    Tom Cruise’s film has already shattered the box office and has become the highest-grossing film of the actor in his entire career in the United States, and it has amassed above 290 million dollars in only two weeks. The film is gaining further heights, but it is to be seen what actions are taken concerning the copyright claims.

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