Here’s a look at Real Madrid’s new transfer strategies

    The Spanish football club giants Real Madrid are currently facing a huge challenge in the transfer market as they have now set new strategies to sign top free agents along with talented youngsters.

    It is the time for the major European pre-season transfer window as many European football clubs are now busy during this period. While many European clubs start their battle to secure talented footballers even before the beginning of the transfer window, the clubs fight officially in the transfer market during the official window period.

    Real Madrid’s status in transfer window

    Real Madrid are known as one of the strongest clubs to sign top talented players in the transfer windows. We have already experienced many times how Los Blancos attracted many global talented players to serve together for the team.

    Real Madrid
    Image Credit: Twitter

    However, two state-owned clubs, English Premier League side Manchester City and French Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), have now emerged as the strongest competitors of Real Madrid in the battle of signing talented footballers.

    Just recently, Manchester City signed the Norwegian goal-machine Erling Haaland, while Real Madrid lost the battle to PSG at the last moment to sign French star Kylian Mbappe. While Los Blancos are now trying to find out some alternatives to welcome talented footballers into the club, they are focusing on some other strategies.

    Free agent

    The Whites signed Austrian defender David Alaba last summer as a free agent. The long-time Bayern Munich defender Alaba didn’t sign a new deal for the German club, and he ultimately joined the Spanish side with a five-year deal.

    1348666116 1
    David Alaba (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

    The German centre-back Antonio Rudiger has just completed his signing for Real Madrid as a free agent. Rudiger has signed a four-year deal with the Spanish club after leaving his English Premier League club Chelsea by fulfilling their previous contract.

    The Numbers Behind Operation Rudiger: Salary, Transfer Fee, and More
    Antonio Rudiger (Credits: FourFourTwo)

    However, the free transfer doesn’t mean that the club always gets the player at no cost. In the case of free transfers (especially for the high-profile players), where the footballers choose to join a different club after finishing the contract for the last club, the new clubs attract the players with lucrative signing bonuses.

    According to media reports, David Alaba earned almost 18 million euros joining bonus during his signing for Real Madrid as a free agent last summer. However, it was still useful for the Los Blancos as his market value was around 60-65 million euros.

    Meanwhile, Rudiger is reportedly receiving a signing bonus of around 35 million euros. In the meantime, his estimated market value is almost 50 million euros.

    Finding raw talents

    Vinicius Ready to Receive Spanish Passport: Real Madrid will Have a non-Eu Spot Open Up
    Vinicius Junior Credits: AS USA – Diario as

    Also, Real Madrid are finding out some raw talented footballers in their teenage. The club is even nurturing some of them in the youth academy before introducing them to senior football. Vinicius Junior, Federico Valverde and Rodrygo’s recent successes are encouraging them to follow this project more as these South American talents are now shining for the Whites.

    Sum up Real Madrid’s new strategies

    Real Madrid are now fighting to regain its dominant position in the football transfer market. Though their latest trends are working nicely, they can still face much competition as time progress. Meanwhile, finding out raw talents is one of the most challenging parts of any sport.  

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