The Callisto Protocol is to be released on December 2, 2022

    Striking Distance Studios, the producer of a third-person survival horror game, was formed by Dead Space creator Glen Schofield. Schofield stated on the PlayStation Blog, “I’m excited to be returning to my roots with an all-new take on the sci-fi survival horror genre.”

    That influence can be seen in the reveal video, which features terrifying beasts and zombie-like creatures around the futuristic environment of Jupiter’s moon. You play as Jacob Lee, played by Josh Duhamel, a prisoner on the moon attempting to survive a “mystery outbreak” that is turning people into terrifying monsters known as Bio page.

    According to Schofield, “horror begins with atmosphere,” and that extra attention has been made to lighting and the PS5’s 3D audio. The Callisto Protocol will also make use of the haptics on The Dualsense controller for everything from strong adversary footsteps to swinging your weapon.

    In terms of fighting, it has “a strategic combat system that compels players to get up and personal with our terrible creatures,” according to the blog post. You’ll also employ a gravity weapon called the GRP to mix ranged and melee attacks, letting you do things like freeze adversaries in place or use terrain as a protective measure.

    The Callisto Protocol was meant to be based in the same universe as PUBG, but it was recently confirmed that this was no longer the case.

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