Key reasons behind Johnny Depp winning the defamation trial against Amber Heard

    Johnny Depp finally won the defamation trial against Amber Heard, when the final verdict was announced a day after. Talks continue about how the jury finally came to a conclusion that favored the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s side, over his ex-wife. Numerous legal experts have expressed their opinion on the arguments that provided Johnny Depp secure the win in the trial.

    This also pointed toward Amber Heard’s lack of credibility, coming out to be one of the key factors that helped Depp to secure the victory. Experts pointed out that Amber Heard came out of cross-examination facing the defeat and without any remaining credibility. In addition to that, she also made several mistakes throughout the trial.

    Johnny Depp won the trial against his ex-wife

    First of all, the jurors primarily thought that Heard was lying about the abuse she claimed, which she suffered at the hands of Depp. Former California judge, Halim Dhanidina stated in this regard that the case was going to rise and fall on Amber Heard’s credibility more than any nuanced legal question.

    She totally was not able to make it through the trial with her credibility remaining intact. In addition to that, she was lying about Johnny Depp on purpose because she primarily had a bone to pick with him. And that to him, the judge said is the takeaway on his trial.

    Beverly Hills Entertainment Attorney Mitra Ahouraian in this regard

    Mitra Ahouraian, the entertainment attorney of Beverly Hills said in this regard that there were various emotional cues of Amber Heard that didn’t exactly with her testimony. At wired times, she would get very impassioned and also tried to make awkward attempts to get connected with the jury, by speaking to them directly. Additionally, she was also caught in multiple inconsistencies, which made it a bit hard for everyone on which part to believe and which part not to.

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