Sony Working on a Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix series

    Sony is continuing to go all-in on turning its iconic video games into TV series and movies, according to Variety. At an investor presentation, the firm stated that it is working with Netflix on a show based on Horizon Zero Dawn. According to Deadline, Sony is also developing a film based on the Gran Turismo series but has yet to find a distributor. It could be directed by Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Chappie).

    Both projects are said to be in “early development,” meaning we won’t be able to watch them for a long time. The fact that Sony continues to announce new TV and film projects, on the other hand, suggests that the corporation is serious about spreading the PlayStation brand beyond hardware and video games.

    Sony is currently working on some additional projects at PlayStation Productions

    • Twisted Metal series on Peacock
    • God of War show for Amazon Prime
    • an adaptation of The Last of Us for HBO
    • Ghost of Tsushima movie
    • Metal Gear Solid movie

    That’s a lot of major franchises, and some of them have some big names associated with them. Oscar Isaac will be playing Solid Snake, Pedro Pascal will act as Joel, Bella Ramsey will play Ellie, and Ghost of Tsushima is being directed by one of the folks behind the John Wick movies. And, of course, Tom Holland, Hollywood’s golden boy, starred in the newly released Uncharted film.

    This revelation also demonstrates that Sony is sticking to its policy of collaborating with many streaming services – it appears that no matter what service you subscribe to, Sony wants to make sure you can watch at least something featuring its video game characters (or, like, cars in the case of Gran Turismo). Sony stated during its investor meeting that the “very competitive streaming wars” are beneficial to the company.

    This isn’t the only effort Sony is attempting to broaden the PlayStation brand’s appeal beyond those who buy systems. The company said on Wednesday that it plans to considerably increase the presence of its games on both PC and mobile platforms.

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