Sadio Mane: Should he stay in Liverpool or leave for another better option

    The 30-year-old Liverpool’s Senegalese forward Sadio Mane will open up his club future only after the final of the UEFA Champions League 2022.

    While the English club Liverpool mostly has a fantastic season in 2021/22 by winning two domestic cups (EFL Cup and FA Cup) and finishing as the runners-up in the Premier League, they are ready to play the UEFA Champions League 2022 final. In this upcoming final, Liverpool will face the Spanish giants Real Madrid at Stade de France in Saint-Denis, France Saturday (28th May) night.

    Liverpool star Sadio Mane

    Sadio Mane is an essential member of Liverpool, where he has been serving since 2016 summer. In the Premier League 2021/22, Mane scored 16 goals and finished as the fifth most goal-scorer in that competition. In this entire season, Mane has appeared in 50 games for the club and has recorded 23 goals and five assists.

    Sadio Mane, Liverpool
    Image Credit: Twitter

    Mane is a highly useful left-winger for the Reds. However, he can also play well as the right-winger and striker.  

    Sadio Mane’s present contract with Liverpool will end in June 2023. The Reds are desperate to extend his contract soon. However, there is no significant confirmation on Mane’s contract extension for this Premier League club.

    Recently, Mane told Sky Sports that he would only confirm his intention for the club’s future only after the end of the UCL 2022 final. It has created a major doubt for many experts on Mane’s future in Liverpool.

    Just like the Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah, Mane has also played a crucial role in Liverpool’s recent successes in European football. Mane was an important member of the Reds during their journey in UCL 2017/18 runners-up, UCL 2018/19 victory and PL 2019/20 win.  

    Bayern Munich are targeting Sadio Mane

    Sadio Mane
    Image Credit: Twitter

    If Mane ultimately moves away from Liverpool, it will be surely a significant loss for the Reds. The German club giants Bayern Munich are very keen to sign this Senegalese talent.

    What is on Sadio Mane’s mind

    While Sadio Mane still has one year left to end the contract with the Reds, he may take some more time to think about his future. One of the major reasons for him to not exit the English club immediately is his focus on the national team in the FIFA World Cup 2022. Changing the club can put an extra unnecessary burden on him just before his World Cup commitment, which can badly affect his mental aspects.  

    Sadio Mane
    Image Credit: Twitter

    As Mane hasn’t any prior experience in German football culture, he may need some time to adjust to the condition. So, there is a big chance that he can feel uncomfortable in the first half of his new European club, especially outside England. It ultimately can backfire in his preparation for the forthcoming FIFA WC. He can make his final decision on his Liverpool future in next January transfer window or later.

    It is true that we haven’t got any confident answer from Mane yet about his Liverpool future. There is still a strong possibility of his transfer this summer.

    However, Liverpool can still try their best to keep Mane in the next season. Also, Mane may need some time to think about his club’s future. 

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