Is Google Pixel Watch capable of challenging Apple Watch’s dominance?

    As per the sources, it claims that Google with its new Pixel Watch is prepared to take on Apple. The Apple Watch has dominated the wearable business since its inception in 2015, surpassing every other competitor for many years. The Apple Watch was much more stable, unified, and fast than rival smartwatches, not because they were terrible.

    Android Wear, Tizen, and Wear OS smartwatches are frequently equipped with hardware capabilities and have long battery life. They sound fantastic on paper. In use, those same devices might let you down with overheating, poor performance, and occasionally uncomfortable interfaces.

    With Wear OS 3.0 and higher-performance CPUs coming to smartwatches, this is already changing, providing a competitive advantage with Apple’s wearable.

    Is Google Pixel Watch capable of challenging Apple Watch's dominance?
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    Pixel Watch Might Dominate Over Apple

    The Pixel Watch was recently teased by Google. Its appearance is unsurprising, given it resembles the ‘missing’ Google smartwatch from a few weeks ago. While only a few features were revealed during Google’s I/O 2022 presentation, it was evident that this would be an Apple Watch rival.

    The digital crown is present; however, it is controlled through tactile rather than physical rotation. The focus on health and fitness is important, which poses an immediate challenge to Apple because Google owns Fitbit, the other major fitness tracker business. Google emphasized integration more than ever before at this event, with Better Together swiftly developing to compete with Apple’s Continuity.

    It’s not just the Pixel Watch that shows Google wants to be Apple, or at the very least emulate Apple’s hardware success. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and a Pixel tablet that works with a Pixel phone and connects with a Chromebook and Pixel Watch is starting to sound a lot like an alternate universe in which Google becomes Apple.

    Is Google Pixel Watch capable of challenging Apple Watch's dominance?
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    About the Pixel Watch

    The Pixel Watch is another component of Google’s developing ecosystem that could one day threaten Apple’s hardware, which automatically rewards users for coming back for more by making it easier to use across platforms.

    In reality, even the most incredible Pixel Watch won’t be able to beat the Apple Watch in a year. Apple has an excessive lead. The Pixel 6 series was a huge hit for a Google phone, yet it did not affect iPhone 13 sales.

    The Pixel Watch will be no different. Google, on the other hand, is setting the basis for its devices and the Android-based industry to maintain and possibly regain market share from Apple, which has been on a tear in recent years. The supply chain is the only thing holding it back. The Google Pixel Watch could be the first genuine Apple Watch challenger to succeed.

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