Messi Might Not Have Lifted the Champions League Trophy for PSG but Surely Made Them a Lot Richer

    While PSG failed one more time, to reach their goal of winning the Champions League title this season, their revenues saw a decent upgrade. After Leo Messi dropped in from Barcelona last summer, fans had been keeping high hopes to lift the trophy this year. However, although that didn’t work out, his arrival has definitely contributed to a sharp increase in the revenues.

    Messi’s Arrival Helped PSG Enhance their Revenues

    The reports have it, that the Ligue 1 champions have made a total of 700 million euros in revenue, a record ever since the Qatar Sports Investments took the club ownership in 2011. A segment of this is down to sponsorship, which saw a rapid enhancement of 13 percent thanks to the contracts attained with GOAT (50 million euros for the season), Crypto, and Gorillas, which will further come with an additional 10m euros. PSG will be earning above 300 million in advertising, which is again an exclusive record for the club. 

    Messi’s Arrival has had a massive influence on the club’s accounts, with PSG selling above one million shirts, and 60% of them bore the number and name of Messi. The only club ahead of PSG selling more jerseys around the world is Manchester United. Ticket Revenues at the Parc des Princes indeed have a significant influence on this record revenue.

    Early Elimination from the Champions League to Have An Effect?

    However, everything doesn’t seem to be going well for the PSG coffers. The early elimination from the CL after the defeat against Real Madrid has resulted in the reduction of the club’s television revenue. Last year the earning was 200 million euros for getting into the semifinals, but this year the numbers have been cut to even less than half of that.

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