Marvel’s Midnight Suns Reportedly getting a Revamped

    Last summer, Firaxis announced Marvel’s Midnight Suns, a new XCOM-style strategy game using some of Marvel’s darker heroes. Unfortunately, while the core strategic gameplay appears to be strong, fans were wary of a concept in which powers are related to randomized cards given out at the start of games.

    Although Firaxis was quick to explain that Midnight Suns will not have microtransactions that allow you to, for example, buy stronger cards, some critics were unimpressed with the system.

    According to wanton leaker Tom Henderson, Marvel’s Midnight Suns has undergone a “major overhaul,” which has pushed the game’s release date out to the second half of 2022. Henderson isn’t sure what the revamp was for, but he thinks it had something to do with the game’s randomized card system. 

    Midnight Suns was just rated in Korea, and Henderson expects the game to be shown again on June 9 during the Summer Game Fest start presentation. Take this with a grain of salt for the time being.

    While Midnight Suns may have undergone some changes since we last saw it, here are its official key features as of now…

    • Your Marvel Adventure -Become the Hunter, the Marvel Universe’s first fully customizable original hero. As you create your team, tweak your pick of abilities to suit your playstyle, and acquire classic outfits that will please any Marvel fan, you will lead a famous group of heroes spanning The Avengers, X-Men, Runaways, and more.
    • Explore the Darker Side of Marvel –  Defeat Lilith’s demonic forces in an engaging personal story that transports familiar heroes to a strange new realm filled with the bizarre and mysterious. As you battle fallen versions of legendary Marvel characters and try to prevent Lilith from resurrecting her evil master, Chthon, the stakes are higher than ever.
    • Live Among the Legends –  Outside of battle, create relationships and strengthen personal bonds with some of your favourite Marvel superheroes like Iron Man, Wolverine, and Captain America to see them in a new light and unlock new skills. Explore The Abbey, your very own mythical secret base, by exploring the grounds and uncovering its hidden mysteries.
    • Fight and Think Like a SuperHero –  Join up with your friends to survey the tactical battlefield and launch powerful iconic attacks against the forces of darkness. A new fascinating and deeply customizable warfare system from the designers of the critically renowned tactical XCOM series rewards brilliant thinking with Super Hero flair.

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