iOS 15.5 was released in advance of Apple’s Annual Developer Conference

    The latest version of Apple‘s iPhone operating system, iOS 15.5, has been launched. It lacks user-facing improvements, but it may be enough to placate authorities concerned about Apple’s monopoly on in-app transactions.

    Arrival of iOS 15.5

    A pair of new buttons have been added to the Wallet app, allowing Apple Cash card users to request or send money instantly, as well as a new setting in the Apple Podcasts app that allows you to limit the number of episodes kept on your phone.

    The update also includes several bug patches, including one that should improve the reliability of home automation triggered by people arriving and departing, according to Apple’s release notes.

    Apple has published a macOS upgrade to go along with its current iOS version. Monterey 12.4 is significant as the first macOS release to incorporate a remedy for the Studio Display monitor’s poor camera quality.

    We found that webcam performance is still far from flawless in our tests with the beta version, but it reduced visible noise in the image, enhanced contrast, and improved color accuracy. Now that the webcam’s software is complete, we’ll re-test it to see if anything has changed.

    About the Other Features

    Even though iOS 15.5 contains few user-facing changes, the sources claim that it contains references to “external purchases,” implying that the update sets the framework for chosen apps to be able to link out to external purchasing systems, as Apple indicated last month.

    Apple normally compels developers to utilize its own in-app payments system for digital in-app purchases, but this regulation is being questioned by regulators all around the world. Apple has been ordered in some countries, including South Korea and the Netherlands, to allow various developers to link out to external payment systems.

    The launch of iOS 15.5 comes less than a month before Apple’s annual developer conference, where the company is expected to reveal the iOS 16 version. Apple’s website has instructions on how to upgrade your iPhone.

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