All the Top 10 Search Engines Available in 2022 

    In this time of the Digital Era, Search Engines play a massive role in our daily life. When we become confused about anything or any topic, we always go for the Search Engines and search for it, which clears all of the doubts.

    All over the world, there are many popular search engines like DuckDuck Go, Internet Archive,, and Ecosia. Google, is one of the best search engines that provide accurate and user-friendly results.  

    Here is the list of top 10 search engines in 2022: 

    10. Internet Archive 

    Internet Archive is very famous among all the search engines. The search engine use to find out how a website looked since 1996. The tool is very useful if are in search of the history of any domain and can observe how it has been changed over the years. 

    Search Engines


    This is an old-time popular AOL that is still ranking in the list of top 10 search engines with a market share that is very close to 0.05%. 

    Now the AOL network contains many famous websites like,, and, AOL had been acquired by Verizon Communications. 

    8. Ecosia 

    Ecosia is mainly a berlin-based social business company that was established by Christian Kroll in 2009. The main purpose of making this to9ol was to provide help in financing planting trees and restoring the projects. This is also popular as the “tree planting search engine”. 

    Ecosia shares a collaboration with Bling as its search results are powered by Bling. Ecosia earns money to support the tree plantation by revealing ads in their search results. Every time, when the ad has been clicked, Ecosia gets a small share. Now, it has been estimated all almost 45 searches finance the planting of one tree. 

    Ecosia’s share is around 0.10%, on the basis of search engine market share. 



    It is known formerly as Ask Jeeves, gets approximately 0.42% of the search share. ASK is mainly based on a question and answer for many where most of the questions have been answered by the other users or are in the form of polls. 

    It also has such general search functionality that also results in the coming back of lack quality in comparison with Google or also even Bling and Yahoo. 

    6. DuckDuckGo 

    Now, this is one of the famous search engine tools with a market share approx. 0.66%. The traffic of DuckDuckGo states that they are providing 90+ million searches per day but still their entire market share is under 0.6%. 

    Most people believe that DuckDuckGo foes do not have any search index on their own but they can produce its search results by utilizing several types of sources. They just don’t have their own data but still, they depend on other sources to give answers to users’ questions. 

    The big limitation in comparison with Google is in the set of algorithms to find out the best results from all the websites available on the Internet. 

    The positive side is that DuckDuckGo has a clean interface, respects users’ privacy, and is not completely loaded with ads. 

    File:Yandex Logo 2021.png - Wikimedia Commons


    Yandex is Russia’s one of the top search engines making a global market share of about 0.5% and 1.16%. Wikipedia confirms, that comes in the list of top 10 most popular websites on the internet with the ranking position of 8 in Russia. 

    Yandex current5ly reepresewn6tys it as a technology company that makes many g4reat products and provides services that have been powered by ML. This tool handles the largest search engines in Russia along with about 65% market share in the country. 

    4. Baidu 

    Baidu is the most popular search engine and has a global market share of between 0.68% and 11.26%. Baidu was established in 2000 and now become a popular search engine in China. The market share also enhances constantly and aco5rfiing to Wikipedia, Baidu has not provided billions of search queries per month. It is currently ranking at sixth position, in Wikipedia Website rankings. Baidu is accessible all over the world, but available in Chinese languages. 

    Yahoo logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

    3. Yahoo! 

    Yahoo is known as the top popular email provider and its web search engine holds the third position in the search along with an average of 1% market share. 

    From, October 2011 to October 2015, Yahoo search had been boosted exclusive by Bing. In October 2015 Yahoo just agreed with Google to provide search-rated services until October 2018, and the results of Yahoo were powered both by Google and Bing. 

    2. Microsoft Bing 

    In October 2020, Bing was titled, Microsoft Bong. Now, it’s the best alternative search engine to Google is Microsoft Bing, the search of Biing engine shares approx. In between 2.83% and 12.31%. This is mainly a challenge of Microsoft to Google in search, after such hard efforts, they are still unable to realize to the users that Bing is also as comfortable as Google. Their search engine market share become constantly low after launching as a default search engine on Windows PCs. The origin of Bing is Microsoft’s previous search engines, and Wikipedia confirms it’s the 26th most visited website on the internet. 

    CBB Seminar: Dr. Shumin Zhai, Google Inc | Engineering | University of  Waterloo

    1. Google 

    As expected, Google is one of the top search engines all over the world. Google just hold the first place in search by making a stunning difference of 88.28% from second place Bing. 

    With the new statistics from Statista and stat counter, Google is literally showing its domination in the market in all of the regions on any device.  the main reason behind the trust and popularity is its appropriate and quality of results to the users. The founder of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin came up with the concept that websites referenced by the other websites are more important than the others and also deserve a high ranking in the search results. 

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