Johnny Depp is no longer the Captain of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’: Disney finds a new cast for the role

    Margot Robbie might be the one reprising the role of Captian Jack Sparrow as Johnny Depp’s future remains uncertain, both in Hollywood as well as the franchise.

    Johnny Depp is renowned for his iconic role, Captain Jack Sparrow in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

    However, Franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer has recently declared that Johnny Depp will no longer be involved in the current scripts that are being worked on for a new ‘Pirates of the Caribbean film.

    Why won’t Johnny Depp be in the movie? Is there a new jack sparrow?

    In an interview with The Sunday Times, Bruckheimer confirms the news, where he stated that they are actively working on two new scripts for the movie. Amongst them, one is said to feature Margot Robbie and the other one doesn’t.

    Johnny Depp is currently involved in a well-documented hearing in the court, with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, where Depp has been accused of physical assault.

    After being questioned by his lawyer, Depp revealed that Disney had dropped him in the franchise’s sixth installment after Heard’s comments were announced.

    Such an allegation led to Depp being blacklisted from appearing in Hollywood, which has further cast him away from a number of potential roles, including the ‘Fantastic Beasts franchise. 

    The ever-fascinating role of Captain Sparrow can now be added to the long list of work that Depp seems to have lost due to the long-drawn-out trial with Heard.

    In June 2020, Disney declared a reboot of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ starring Margot Robbie, which is written by Christina Hodson.

    Robbie seems to be the new replacement for Depp. However, months have passed but this has not yet been confirmed, so we are not quite sure how Robbie will reboot such the role, but it seems like she would need to play a Jack Sparrow-esque character.

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