PlayStation users now get to use the Shared Wallet System in Fortnite with the Latest update

    PlayStation consoles will join Fortnite’s Shared Wallet system as of Fortnite update 20.40, allowing funds purchased on the PS4 or PS5 to be spent on other platforms and vice versa. The Nintendo Switch will be the only platform that does not support the Shared Wallet once this update is released.

    V-Bucks are handled differently in cross-platform play in Fortnite: any V-Bucks earned through the Battle Pass or other gaming are immediately shared across all platforms, whereas purchased V-Bucks can only be shared between systems that support the Shared Wallet.

    With the addition of the PS4 and PS5 to the Shared Wallet system, all monies can now be shared across PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Android, and cloud gaming platforms. Only the Nintendo Switch is wallet-locked, which means that money spent on Nintendo’s platform cannot be used on other platforms and vice versa.

    To use the Shared Wallet function, PlayStation gamers should make sure their PlayStation accounts are linked to their Epic Games accounts, and that they are logged into the same Epic account across both platforms.

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