Top Gun: Maverick’s First Reviews Indicate Tom Cruise’s New Film Better Than the 1980s Original

    Ever since his beginning as an actor, Tom Cruise has always been passionate about his work and committed to delivering the best possible movie experience a fan can feel inside the movie theater. The 1986 Top Gun movie remains to be one of the finest action displays of all time, surpassing it was nearly next to impossible unless the man was Tom Cruise himself. Since the 80s, Cruise has boomed to be one of the finest producers of all time. 

    His keen attention to detail and application of practical effects is currently unmatched in the industry, as many of his films in the last 20 years perfectly indicate it. Precisely, this contemporary Tom Cruise could only be compared to what Jackie Chan has done all through his career. Always choose the most practical effects to provide the viewers with the most realistic experience.

    Top Gun: Maverick- How Good is the New Tom Cruise Film According to Critics

    As the review embargo came early on Thursday in the United State, reviews of the new film started distributing online. Expectations were it would be another supreme quality action flick but it was Tom Cruise who just gave it another height. 

    For starters, the movie does form an exclusive experience unlike no other as all the flying sequences were actually filmed inside planes that were in mid-air. All actors who flew a jet had to be a part of proper training to become pilots, a mark that only Cruise could have thought to cross. But when he makes his movies, he throws special emphasis on telling a compelling story. 

    Miles Teller’s portrayal as the late great Goose’s Son beeps into a father-son relationship between him and Maverick. The Goose had a child before his tragic demise during a Top Gun Drill alongside Maverick. His son chose to become a pilot with the aim to follow in his father’s footsteps.

    A Dramatic Picture Inside the Film

    It blossoms into a more dramatic picture inside the film and becomes the central heart of the story. Overall the final statement is that Top Gun: Maverick is a better one than the original and one of the finest movie experiences of 2022.

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