Top Free Battle Royale Games for PC Gamers in 2022

    These battle royale games are the only attraction of the gamers, the category also achieves huge popularity in this industry. Battle Royale games allow the association of the players about its huge scope, the competitive opponents, and defeating them with your tactics that are really very exciting. There are many free games already available on steam that players should definitely check out. 

    Here is the list of Best Free Battle Royale games for PC players: 

    7. Spellbreak 

    Spellbreak is the battle royale package with more tests. The players also used to fight it out in the arena with lethal weapons. In this action battle game, the players battle it out in the arena with many lethal weapons. In this game, the players will be using many of such elemental abilities to death their enemies. The new game come with a class system that players can be able to make. There are unique features that also can be used to customize the playstyle that can help the player to achieve victory in the game. 


    6. Super Animal Royale 

    Super Animal Royale is a little bit different from that action battle genre where the players are able to play the game in a 2D, in the top-down format. The gamers can get to visit a battlefield where 64 blood-thirsty animals fighting with a sharp tooth, claw, and machine gun in an abandoned safari park. 

    5. Super Mecha Champions 

    If you like to play top warfare then this is the game for you. This game belongs to non-futuristic Alpha City where the event named ‘Super Mecha League!’ has been held. Players can get such options to choose from 10 different Mecha-suits and can customize them according to their choices and preferences. His latest game features new weapons that really symbolize the power of ‘fire-power’. 

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    4. Vampire: The Masquerade- Blood hunt 

    If you love the Vampire games then it is definitely a perfect one. The exciting new game along with its unique concept comes very less from the battle royale games. The game contains running around the blazing guns, but players possess supernatural abilities and can use their minds to chase the enemies in the game. Players going to dive into a battle between Vampire factions in the city of Prague. 

    3. Apex Legends 

    Apex Legends is one of the popular games among all of the famous battle royale fanatics. The players also have such a wide roster of Legends to select from and each arrives along with their special powers. Now the player seriously plays strategically along with the game with the squad or solo to win the math. Apex Legends also contains a long and active community that makes the players happy to be a part of. 

    2. Real Royale 

    This game is considered an almost copy version of Fortnite, the latest game just features many similar graphics styles, traversal mechanics, and also interesting maps that contain minor tweaks. In this game the only feature that has not been picked from Fortnite just like its building system. Real Royale holds its own style in the battle royale first where the players get such a pick from the class system and can use such magical powers to bring down the enemies. 

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    1. Ring of Elysium 

    Ring of Elysium is a game that contains many ever-changing maps as the first one was Mt. Dione and Europa island, now the game has contained many new desert maps, including Vera. The game also contains a nuclear storm that the players have to hide, there are almost 60 other players whom a player has to defeat at that exact time. The latest game fills weapons, vehicles, and tactics that can allow you to set the playstyle as you like. 

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