Here is the list of the Top 10 Highest Paid CEO in the world in 2022 

It has been reported that every year the record of the highest-paid CEO list reveals massive changes. The list of the top CEO made based on the bank balance and the analysis of who has made the most wealth. In this, the highest-paid CEOs in 2022 have applied their processes for the top and also worked almost 16 hours a day to reach their goals.

As everyone is interested to get the information about them as they are a huge pool of aspirations of hard work, dedication, and success, here we bring the highest searched query on the internet.

Here is the list of the Top 10 highest paid CEO in the world in 2022: 

10. Amir Dan Rubin 

Worth: $199 Million 

He is a businessman and also one of the top highest-paid CEO in the world. He was the Chief Executive Officer of Life Healthcare. This person is also a member or chair of the board of directors since August 2o17. He is working as the Executive Vice President at UnitedHealth Group which is a publicly-traded company of healthcare. 

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9. Chad Richison 

Worth: $211.13 Million 

Chad Richison is a popular American entrepreneur. He has served several years as President and Chief Executive Officer of Paycom after it had founded. He began his career in sales with ADP and which is one of the largest and most well-known payroll processing companies in the US. After some years he returned to his family in Oklahoma and founded Paycom in 1998. 

8. Ted Sarandos 

Worth: $250 Million 

The real name of this man is Theodore Anthony Sarandos Jr. who has served as the co-CEO and also the Chief Content Officer for the OTT Platform Netflix. After passing from Glendale Community College, he met with the Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, and his journey started with Netflix in 2000. This person also has overseen the programming and entertainment efforts of Netflix. 

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7. Tim Cook 

Worth: $265 Million 

Cook get the CEO role at Apple in 2011 just after the death of Steve Jobs. He made a name as the highest-paid CEO on lists. The total annual compensation in 2020 was about $265 million. Many people showed love for Cook’s just $3 million CEO salary. 

6. Alex Karp 

Worth: $369 Million 

Karp is known for data analysis software company Palantir Technologies. It seems like Open-door, Palantir went to the public in 2020. In short, just before the IPO, the company granted Karp 141 million prions that vesting quarterly. 

The credit goes to the pre-IPO grant, and Karp earns more than  $265 million in stock and option awards. The salary he gets is $1.1 million. 

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5. Eric Wu 

Worth: $388  million 

This person is the CEO of the real-estate company Opendoor Technologies. The company became public in December 2020 and sells and buys homes through its Opendoor application. The first public offering was a big boon for Wu, the compensations just jump by 134000% from the year 

It assumes that the bulk of Wu is a $388 million pay package with stock awards. He had earned an amount salary of $189,000.    

4. Douglas Hisrichh 

Worth: $497 Million 

Hisrich is known as the co-CEO of GoodRX and got the same salary, bonus, and stock awards as Bezdek in 2020. The slight difference in the total compensation package between the two CEOs is related to the perks. While Benzek collects the perks worth about $9,000, Hisrich gets less than $7000. 

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3. Trevor Bezdek 

Worth: $497 Million 

Bezdek holds the CEO post at GoodRX which is a company that provides help0s to people to buy prescription drugs at low costs. The co-CEO of Bezdek got the fourth position in our list, the man just a few bucks less than Bezdek 

2. Mike Pykosz 

Worth: $568 Million 

Pykosz comes from a different background as he is the chief executive at Oak Street Health which operates primary care facilities for the seniors in Medicine. 

In 2020, Oak Street Health granted Pykosz stock and opted for awards associated with the prior year’s compensations and the company’s conversation from a partnership to a C corp. 

The stock and option awards were really Significant, too and in total it is more than $500 million. Now Pykosz can get an enviable salary approx. $580,000 plus bonus and pay more than $390,000. 

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1. Elon Musk 

Worth: $6.65 Billion 

Elon Musk is one of the popular and quirk CEO of popular auto-driving EV company Tesla. Now his 2020 compensation comes completely more than $6.6 billion. In the entire U.S. Musk is the top-earning U.S. executive for three years running while he is not able to collect his salary from Tesla. Instead, he gets stock options while the company reaches a certain marketing capitalization. The options permit Musk to purchase Tesla stock which is traded at nearly $1200 per share at the beginning of January 2022. 

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