Sega is reportedly Planning a Remake of its Remake and Spin-offs of its Past Games

    Sega has had a difficult few years, thanks in part to COVID-19 forcing the closure of its already decreasing arcade operation. The company has been working on a strategy overhaul since last year to help its business become more long-term sustainable. For lovers of classic Sega games, the good news is that this promises more remakes and remasters of older Sega IPs.

    Sega highlighted some of its objectives for the current fiscal year, which runs from April 2022 to March 2023, in its annual earnings presentation to investors. One of those initiatives involves “several titles” that Sega describes as “remake/remaster, spin-off/theme change.”

    Though the terminology is a little clumsy, Sega provides a few useful examples from the past year: consider Sonic Colors: Ultimate, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, or Lost Judgment. The publisher expects to sell a total of five million units in this category, up from four million last year.

    Sega plans to release 13 games during the same period, up from seven last year. Sonic Frontiers, Sonic Origins, Soul Hackers 2, Endless Dungeon, and Two Point Campus are already on the list, and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim’s Switch release last month could be included as well. That leaves seven titles we don’t yet know about, as well as possible remakes and remasters.

    Sega named some former IPs as potential remasters, remakes, or reboots in the introduction of its new strategy (including several we’ve already seen remasters or remakes of).

    The Games which Sega might be planning a remake is as follows

    They are:

    • Crazy Taxi
    • Jet Set Radio
    • Space Channel 5
    • Rez
    • Panzer Dragoon
    • NiGHTS
    • Shinobi
    • Virtua Fighter
    • Altered Beast
    • House of the Dead
    • Streets of Rage
    • Soul Hackers

    There’s no assurance that any of the games on that list will be resurrected; it’s merely a collection of concepts Sega was working on last year. However, Sega’s willingness to freely exploit its classic catalog as part of its growth ambitions in the coming years is welcome news.

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