Our Father: Who’s Don Cline, the Ominous Doctor from the Netflix Documentary?

Just hit Netflix, Our Father, a documentary that focuses on the case of a fertility specialist who, without his approval, promulgated more than 90 women with his sperm in the 1980s.

The unpunished Crime of Don Cline

The crucial side of all this is that the authorities concerned didn’t give him any punishment for his deeds, since, in Indiana, where the events occurred, the legislation didn’t look upon Dr. Donald Cline’s action as a violation of the women who came to him for help. 

Dr. Don Cline kicked off his specialized practice in 1979 and since then he started with his offensive practices until one among the daughters’ Don Cline fathered started to develop doubts about his actual paternity, and when he sought the truth, through a detailed investigation, he found out that he had dozens of half-siblings who were unaware of who their real father was.

For three long decades, Don Cline offered her services to hundreds of fathers to help them be pregnant, and when they did, most of them showed their gratitude for the support without any question of what lay behind it.

The Truth Unfolded

Jacoba Ballard was the first to find out the murky story and along with other sufferers took a stand for themselves raising their voices to tell the rest of the world to try and get justice. There is prompt DNA evidence that unfolds Donald Cline’s vulgar deeds, but to this day he’s absolutely free and having a peaceful life in Indianapolis, Indiana, without the interference of any authority to take action regarding the case reopening. 

Even after what he did, an attorney explains in the documentary that concerning Indiana State law, legally it wasn’t rape. 

In 2017, the doctor was charged only due to obstructing justice, for lying to the attorney general’s office regarding his usage of sperms on patients. 

Even, being a significant member of the church, several elders argued in his favor, and the judge handling his case showed goodwill.

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