Apex Legends Has crossed Over $2 Billion in revenue while reporting a 40% YoY increase

    During EA’s most recent earnings call, the business revealed that the battle royale game, ApexLegends, surpassed the impressive total during the company’s fourth fiscal quarter, which ended March 31, 2022. The game’s net bookings increased by 40% year over year, with half of the game’s lifetime net bookings occurring in the last fiscal year.

    Previously, the game had earned over $600 million in the fiscal year 2020-2021, increasing its total career earnings to $1 billion. The announcement comes at a critical time for the game. Apex Legends Mobile has a release date and will be available next week for iOS and Android (May 17). It was “designed exclusively for mobile” and will feature “maps, games, modes, advancement, and live events” in addition to telling fresh stories.

    In addition, Apex Legends Season 13 has just begun. Saviors are the most recent big update, and it introduces Newcastle, a “heroic defender” who turns out to be Bangalore’s long-missing brother, Jackson Williams.

    Apex Legends received PS5 and Xbox Series X|S updates in March 2022. 4K and HDR output, 60Hz gameplay, higher resolution shadows, and longer draw distances were also introduced in the updates. Respawn announced at the time that the PS5 version would include haptic feedback and adjustable triggers, as well as full 120Hz gameplay.

    Apex Legends continues to be a big success with no signs of slowing down. Chris Suh, EA’s chief financial officer, described Season 12 as the game’s “most successful ever.” In other gaming news, John Romero, the creator of Doom, will release a memoir next year. He will write frankly about his turbulent origins as well as his extremely successful career.

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