UEFA Plans To Get Rid of the Controversial Element of Champions League Reforms

UEFA is trying to abandon controversial plans to award two Champions League spots on the basis of historical performances as part of the competition’s overhaul.

UEFA is targeting a last-minute deal with clubs to scrap plans for two Champions League spots, where the award will be granted based on performances in European football over the past five years.

The two teams who would be unsuccessful to qualify domestically highest favorable ranking – a figure granted centered upon the achievements in European football over the past five years – would be offered a place in the Champions League in the following season.

UEFA’S New Plans For The Champions League

UEFA’s highly controversial plans to redesign the Champions League are reportedly under scrutiny as football fans all around the world are patiently waiting.

The Champions League currently consists of 32 teams divided into 4 teams and 8 groups, each with 6 groups before the top 2 of each group progress to the next round and advance to the final game in a knockout format. 

According to the Times, this method is to be altered. Martyn Ziegler, the same reporter who reported on Super League news, revealed that the primary plans to increase group games to ten have been revamped and now each team is to play 8 matches in total.

The plan requires a ‘Swiss model’, where teams play in one league and compete against opponents of different ranks to determine which team will reach the knockout round.

The new and revised Champions League has urged to increase the number of teams competing from 32 to 36 every season. In addition to that, four extra games are to be added for each club competing that year.

The ‘Big Six’ who took part in the Premier League with the hopes of a Super League is now understood to be against the rewarding of places based upon the co-efficient rankings. However, they seem to be in favor of an eight-game group in order to minimize the chances of fixture congestion.

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